Saturday, November 29, 2008

Measure At Least Once

You might remember that Thanksgiving Day was supposed to be Hubby's assembly day of some Ikea furniture. You can put whatever number you want on the word 'some'. Well, that didn't exactly happen, but it didn't have anything to do with that Cowboys game.

I mentioned in my last blog post that I purchased our Thanksgiving turkey. I've never purchased a fresh one. I've always purchased frozen. I think I might try fresh next year, especially if I purchase at the last minute.

I've decided that store version of frozen is more frozen than home freezer frozen. Because after two days in my refrigerator, it was still frozen, probably home freezer frozen. That's about all the thawing that big bird had done.

So Thanksgiving morning instead of putting that bird in the oven, he had to go in a sink of water for about three hours. Or so.

And did Hubby and I use that extra time to assemble that Ikea furniture?

Nope. We were so tired from the last couple of weeks that we went back to bed for a few hours while that turkey took a cold bath.

We usually eat at noon to 1:00 p.m. This year, it was about 4:00 p.m. But not a single person really cared, because we were all together in our new house and I found enough dishes to cook everything in. And I also found the meat thermometer during the time the turkey was cooking, so we were assured no one would get salmonella.

Yesterday, some assembly took place. We emptied fourteen Ikea boxes. Here's most of what we did:

Now I made a kind of serious oops. See that dark brown/black shelving unit above? Well, there is a lovely tv cabinet that is the same size. It has room in the middle for the tv, components below, and then the cubbies surround the entire piece. Sixteen cubbies of storage bliss. The paperwork for the piece gave the dimensions/warning for the maximum width of the tv, and ours would squeak in with a little less than an inch to spare. There was no information on height, but I assumed that if it fit width-wise, it would certainly fit height-wise.

Three of those boxes we opened and started assembly on...they were that tv cabinet.

Guess what my assumption got me?

Hubby has been very understanding about the whole thing. It helps that we haven't put too much of it together and we can still manuever it down the stairs. It has been determined that it will be taken down to the dungeon for future use for a future tv when the basement is completed in the future or when a tv is put there in the future for whatever future reason it might be put there. The cat might want to watch it when he goes to live there, because after this morning, I don't care if he is using the litter box. See what we found on the kitchen floor this morning:

That's after he broke a decorative glass jar holding m&m's yesterday...on the counter! The home inspection walk-through guy was right — when you drop something breakable on the granite, the granite won't break, the breakable item will.

We've emptied and assembled the pieces from three more Ikea boxes today, and we have 'some' more to do. Since our tv is still sitting on one of those white plastic folding tables, I'm going to have to go get a tv table at some point. I'm a little concerned about the security of the tv long-term, read short-term, on that table. I wonder if I can find something else that requires assembly.


Mari said...

Well - you have had some exciting times already! The Ikea stuff is looking good!

Demara said...

new house? did I miss a post? aw this is exciting. and Ikea furniture is the easiest to assemble. I love their instructions!

i've never made a turkey before, but reading about yours was inspiring. I agree though, i don't like eating anything you need to thaw out first, so i would go with fresh.

Lora said...

Glad your turkey turned out okay! I'm sure you were all just so glad to be in your new home together.

Getting settled in sure does take time, doesn't it?! Looks like you're making good progress though.

Oh~I love your floors!! They're beautiful!

Heather and Reese said...

I love Ikea but have never bought anything there. Is the furniture decent quality? I was thinking about purchasing stuff for when we move back into our home.

Things look great!


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