Monday, August 31, 2009

Funnel Cakes

I mentioned a while back that we were having funnel cakes for dinner.

Okay, maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much.

Simply put, we had purchased a funnel cake kit as an impulse buy at Bed, Bath & Beyond last winter, found it stuck in the cabinet in July, and nearly immediately made the funnel cake with the mix that was included. It worked like the proverbial charm and we were hooked.

So now we just needed to find refill mix. I went back to the scene of the crime, Bed, Bath & Beyond. Unfortunately, it was seasonal or something like that, so they didn't have any kits or mix refills.

So as I'm checking out I get the regular question, "Did you find everything okay?" to which I'm sure they expected me to say, "Yes, thank you." I said, "No, I couldn't find any funnel cake refill mix." This got people searching through the store.

In the course of the wait and conversation with the check-out girl, the lady checking out in the next aisle heard me. She said that they always made their own from a recipe her brother had for the past 20 years. So I gave her my email and she sent it to me. How great was that!

I've used it several times, and it is better than the one I found in the meantime online. I still use my little pitcher from the kit, but you could put the mix in a Ziploc bag, cut off the tip, and just squeeze it out. That's what she does. I have to add some water to the recipe to get it to pour from my pitcher, so if you use a Ziploc bag don't add the water.

Funnel Cakes
from Kathy

2 beaten eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
2 cups flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder

Combine together eggs and milk.

Sift flour, salt, and baking powder. Combine with eggs and milk.

Add 1/4 cup water so that the mixture will pour out of the pitcher. Add a little more a tsp at a time if you need more.

Finish off with a sifting of powdered sugar.


It really doesn't get any better!


Mari said...

Yummy! Your Father-in-law seems to be enjoying it!

Demara said...

well i must say that i don't like how it looks before it's cooked...but now after THAT i LOVE the look of.

after SEEING HOW it's made i'm not sure i would want to eat it though...that's probably why i don't cook much!! :)

Rochelle said...

Did I miss something or how much oil did you put in the skillet?

You cannot even begin to imagine how thrilled this makes me!!!! I'm so giddy. :) I loveeeeee funnel cakes and couldn't get my fix this year (missed all the fairs).

I knew there was a reason I liked you..... ;)

Love Bears All Things said...

Looks good!
Mama Bear

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Rochelle~you didn't miss anything. I didn't say how much because I really don't know. Helpful, aren't I? If you pour in your oil where you have about an inch worth in your pan you should be good.

The main thing is to wait until it's hot to put your batter in. I usually will drop a smidge from a spoon to see if it floats and starts bubbling. That's how I know it's ready. You want enough oil for your batter to float on the top. It takes less than a minute per side usually for it to cook, so be ready with your tongs.

If you find you don't have enough oil, just add a little (I use vegetable). Usually by the time I make all of them it's getting low, but I don't add any more to the pan and they come out fine.

Betsy said...

Oh yum! I want one for breakfast with my coffee! That would be perfect! I'm going to try these! And Mr. Claus makes them look soooo good! :)

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Mari~it's actually my stepdad. I should have said that in the post. :(

Lora said...

I LOVE funnel cakes!! I've never made them from scratch though, just with a mix. I'll have to keep this recipe:)

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