Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meet The Kids: Part 3a

Straight out of the shower and getting ready for softball practice...I know...doesn't make sense. But she didn't want to 'sweat grease.' There is a little girlie-ness in there after all. Shhh, don't tell her.

She told me she had to wear the white shirt with the white pants, because she wanted to wear those particular socks, and that was the only way they would match. Go figure. She doesn't usually care if she matches or not either. She told me softball practice is important enough that she tries to match for it.

Here's what is left of her toenail painting I did for Senior Banquet. She was a little concerned about the bruise showing on the one big toenail, but then Chatty reminded her that she's usually proud of her bruises.

This is my girl who has broken both thumbs playing softball. I think I forgot to tell you that. We skipped a year in between though. The first time was in Illinois during the final tournament of the season, so she was all done. The second time she was so tough that she practiced for the two weeks she had the cast on...her glove fit over it.


Heather and Reese said...

Tim showers before runs... I've never understood it. Not wanting to "sweat grease" makes some amount of sense though! Thanks for that.

Hey, my toenails are going to look like that in about a week's time, unless my daughter paints them again for me. I used to wonder why I hated doing my own toenails until I recently realized that it really hurts my ailing neck to bend my head down that far. Thankfully, Kristine had decided to be a cosmetologist and needs me to practice on!


Beth said...

My daughter showers before soccer practice too. I thought she was the only one...

Betsy said...

Cute! My Taylor does the same thing with the showers before sports. I guess fresh sweat is better than old. ha!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Gotta love a strong, capable girl like that. You must be proud.

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