Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Christmas Tree...Finally!

This has been a process of a couple of weeks. First we had to get a new tree from Wal-Mart. It's the "W" tree — a Donner Fir in case anyone wants to know — no jokes necessary. Apparently it was popular, because when my mom went to get one, she had to call three Wal-Marts and got the last one.

Then we had to find all our ornaments. I thought I had them with us. I was wrong. Don't tell Hubby I admitted that or I'll ruin my reputation. We had one box of three that I thought were with us, and the movers from Virginia had the rest. So once we had the tree up, we could only put the lights on. By the way, we didn't have lights either, so when we bought some we went ahead and got the LED style they have now. They are totally awesome and I would recommend them if you are thinking about them. They are much brighter than typical lights and they don't get hot, even if you leave them on for days. They don't even get warm.

So once we had all the boxes of ornaments it took us a few days to actually get around to putting them on the tree. Like two days ago on Sunday. Then I realized that we were missing a lot of them, so we had to go on a garage hunt. That took another day. Hubby finally found them in a cardboard moving box that the movers from Virginia had brought. They were already in plastic storage boxes, and that's what I was looking for and the reason I was unable to find them.

And finally last night we finished our beautiful tree. Please ignore the fact that there is no tree skirt. I think you know the whole missing-in-action theme we have going on at our house. We have a variety of ornaments, so our theme is whimsical, if that is actually a theme.

I wanted some of those sticks Mari talked about to fill in spots and make it a little sparkly since we don't use icicles or garland, but I never found any. I looked everywhere but Michael's, which is probably the one place that had them. Oh, well, there's always next year for sparkly sticks.

We have another pre-lit tree with white lights and a large box of white, silver, and gold ornaments that we never got put up this year. But there is always next year for more than one tree!

Merry Christmas, everyone, and I'll be by to visit and catch up soon!


Mari said...

Your tree looks beautiful! Next year will be easier. You'll have a much better time finding things! Merry Christmas to you and yours!
PS - they do have those sticks - they're called Ting - at Michaels, year round.

MomE said...

I'm impressed you put up one! When I move...I don't find things that quickly at all! Next year will be much easier! I love your whimsical theme...it's special! Merry Christmas!!!!

Betsy said...

It's wonderful! Just think...Christmas 2009 you will be saying "Remember last year when we had just moved and..." LOL! I've never heard of those sticks! Interesting!

Lora said...

Merry Christmas, Kayren!

Your tree looks beautiful! I'm glad you found all of your ornaments:) I hope your first Christmas in your new home is wonderful!

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