Monday, November 7, 2011

A Koala Is More Sloth-like Than A Sloth

Today Caboose was reading an older copy of a kids' Guinness record book we have.

According to it, Koalas sleep about 22 hours a day and sloths sleep about 20 hours a day (although wikipedia differs on both of these numbers, it does have Koalas sleeping more).

So all these years I've been telling my kids not to be lazy and sloth-like, I should have been telling them not to be lazy and koala-like.

Although Koalas are so much cuter than sloths!


Mari said...

I still prefer the Koala! It's much cuter and has a better name. Sloth sounds too slothlike!

Kayren said...


Alum Groups of Delta Delta Delta said...

Koalas are cuddly too, I have
pix of holding some during an
Australian trip ten years ago.
Lazy yes, one fell asleep in my
arms. Hugs, Myke

Love Bears All Things said...

A face only a Mother could love.
Mama Bear

JMS said...

Don't be deceived. They smell and are very cranky animals! LOL. True, they sleep all day and munch on leaves from gum trees (also called eucalyptus trees) in between sleeping.

Julie in Australia

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