Friday, January 9, 2009

Caboose's Latest Antics

Well, it's been a while since I've shared some of Caboose's silliness and sayings. I figured it was time since I had a couple of good ones. Maybe the laughs will do you good when you read them.

During the first Sunday School hour Caboose has what is the equivalent of junior church. The teachers rotate out by month. One of January's teachers has a brother that's been very ill with cancer, so she would share that during the prayer time with the kids. Every time she has been a teacher we always get the update from Caboose about her brother and how he is going to die soon.

After church on Sunday Caboose told us that his teacher's brother would be dying that day or Monday, and that she couldn't call him since he didn't know who she was anymore. I asked what I thought was the obvious question, "Is he in a coma?" Caboose's answer: "No, he's in Alaska."

I've said before that Caboose plans to live with us forever. Not only that, so does Buddy. We think. He might be waffling, although he still doesn't plan to marry. Caboose also wants Sparky to live with us forever. He's a little concerned about her being a missionary and leaving home. Chatty is the only one that currently wants to get married someday.

Well, Caboose's little wheels have been turning. Let me just preface the rest of the story by telling you that he's a little worried about all the rest of us dying and him being left alone. One night on the way to church he was talking about not wanting to go into a nursing home when he was old, so Sparky said that since Chatty will be getting married and having children there will be someone to take care of him. Chatty is the sister that he relentlessly torments, but he thought this was a pretty terrific idea.

Then he decided that if none of them got married and had children that he would just adopt one so that there would be someone to take care of him. Sparky told him that it didn't usually work that way and that it was difficult for single people to adopt children. So he went back to Plan A, and still hasn't caught on that he might want to be a lot nicer to his sister Chatty if that's his plan.

Then on the way to church this last week the discussion came up again, and Sparky told Caboose that if Chatty didn't get married and have children that maybe Buddy could get married and have children. Then there would be someone to take care of him someday. Problem solved.

Caboose said this wouldn't work. Why, you ask? Well, because since Caboose plans on Buddy living with us forever, Buddy's wife would have to live with us forever, and then, "There would be another girl in the house."


Betsy said...

Yes, I'm laughing out loud! And after all of this planning, Caboose will probably get married first and have the most kids. ;)

Mari said...

He is so funny! I'm glad you are writing those down. They would be good to bring up at his wedding!

MomE said...

That's hilarious...I think that blogging counts as scrapbooking for the challenged like myself. That's what I tell myself when I blog it and don't write it in the baby book! HA!

Demara said...

haha this was a cute read. I actually envisioned a children's movie while reading this. I can't wait to hear how it turns out in the end. You know, like who gets married and has children and who doesn't?

Heather and Reese said...

Heeheee. I agree with Betsy: he'll be married first and have a houseful of kids! So cute. I love Caboose.


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