Wednesday, July 28, 2010

VBS Crafts Days 3 & 4

Today was "shirt" day for VBS crafts. I explained at the end of yesterday's post how the two oldest groups (entering 2nd-4th grades and 5th-7th grades) would be doing their shirts and how I prepped them ahead of time.

The youngest group did something a little different with their shirts. After they selected their shirt color and size (either youth M or L), we cut the hem off the bottom, plus a little extra if they were entirely too long, and then cut slits a couple of inches long for fringe.

We did this for the kids because we couldn't get people to let us borrow their sewing scissors, we were afraid of letting kids use scissors that were that sharp anyway, the regular kid scissors were not sharp enough to cut the fabric, and letting kids entering K-1st grade cut shirts might not have had quite the same outcome.

After we fringed the bottom of the shirts, they went to the paint stamping station. We had Western stamps that had been purchased from Oriental Trading. We used the Apple Barrel acrylic paint mixed with a fabric medium. We sponged the paint onto the stamp so there wouldn't be globs of paint on the stamps. A manila folder stuck inside the shirt kept the paint from going through to the back while it was being stamped, although you could use plastic bags too. We thought that would be slippery while the child was pressing the stamp down, and we just slid the folder out when we were done with one child and slid it in the next shirt so we just had to use a few. The folder didn't have to stay there while it was drying since we didn't have so much paint that it would seep through.

They each got to choose three stamps. The wagon wheels are the bottom of thread spools.

We used a slip of paper for their name and pinned it on the shirt. We also used a Sharpie and put their names on the tags, but because we always miss a few, the pinned on paper has us covered.

Tomorrow we will be making foam coasters. The oldest two groups will lace on turquoise and silver beads as they lace them.

The youngest group will just lace it and then use a couple of beads on the ends.

The idea for the Western coasters came from Making Friends. They suggested a much larger coaster size, but when I made the first sample it was entirely too big, and the suede cord barely went halfway around. I ended up making the foam circles 6" and the suede cord is 4 1/2'. The brown foam was purchased in bulk from Making Friends and we were able to cut two from each piece. They are sold out of the conchos, but that's where we were able to purchase those also. I got the suede cord at Michael's, as well as the silver beads. The turquoise beads came from Making Friends.

They are just perfect for my Starbuck's mug!

I'm going to get winners announced tomorrow, just as soon as I cut about 120 lengths of yarn each 20 feet long. And glue some popsicle sticks together with hot glue. I can't forget that!

Thanks for being patient.

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Controlling My Chaos said...

I love the western coasters. They are so cool looking.

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