Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Clutter Update

I'm starting over trying to come up with 730 items from June through the end of the year. I got rid of so many things at the beginning (and went way over 730) that I thought it would be a true challenge to do it all over again.

I started the month with a used curriculum and book sale. I sold 69 items during the three-hour sale.

Then at the end of that time there is a lady whose family owns and operates a book store with curriculum and education-oriented books. She looks through your items (if you so choose) and will offer you a price on the things she's willing to purchase from you. Since she's in the resale business I was warned that it was a low-ball price, but I was extremely pleased with not only what she took, but what I was offered.

I know she took my four flashcard sets and at least 20 books, but I'm going to go conservative and just say 24 items. This lady knows just what she's looking for and she is fast. I wasn't smart enough to pay attention when she was flipping through things to count what she was keeping, and there wasn't any way I would ask to count what she kept when she was done and hold up the line. Of course, I didn't even think about it until two days later...

I decided to take the books that were left to the local Barnes & Noble store that has a used book section. I traded in all 67 books and was able to get Hubby's Father's Day gift for a mere 80 cents (you can read about it here).

I sold a Rokenbok firehouse set on ebay that had 87 pieces.

I had a friend offer to let me participate in her garage sale. Of course I'd been taking tons of things to Goodwill thinking that I wouldn't be doing a garage sale any time in the near future and I didn't want to have boxes stacked up everywhere. I scrounged around the night before and found a few things (if I'd had more time I could have found more), plus we had a few large things we still needed to get rid of. From the garage sale:

Bunk beds
2 twin mattresses
Electric clothes dryer
Electric water cooler
Dinosaur posters
1 book
1 file box of card stock
1 card-making book
1 plastic storage box
4 bags of toys
8 Imaginext toys
1 bag of fabric scraps

That comes to 23 items, and it freed up my garage in an amazing way!

All those numbers add up to 270. I'm on my way to another 730 by the end of the year, although I do think it's going to get harder.

Amy at The Finer Things hosts the 730 in 365 Declutter Challenge. It's not too late to join in!


Mari said...

You are doing great! I have to admit that I'm impressed. And not only are you getting rid of things, you've made a little money too!

Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like Spring cleaning, to me...You're doing great.
Mama Bear

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Holy smokes! You are smokin'! LOL! I might have to do that with our homeschool books.

Squirrel T said...

Hi, I happened to stumble upon your blog the other day. Was the used curriculum sale at The Homeschool Building? If so, I was at that sale, too! Boy, was it hot! I usually wait in line for that lady to look over my stuff, but I didn't feel like it this year. last year she paid me good money for a lot of my BJUP books.

I like your blog, maybe we'll "bump" into each other some time at a homeschool event! I live about 15 mins. from the HSB.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so impressed!

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