Friday, August 6, 2010

New Goodies

I just put a couple of new items in my shop.

Ponytail holders for you or any girl in your life...

I also listed tissue holders, for those travel-size packs that get battered and beaten up in our purses and backpacks. At least they do in mine.

I've only got two of those done and listed right now, so if you love one you might want to grab it.

Speaking of grabbing, I'd love for you to grab the code for my shop button on the left sidebar and put it on your blog. I'm still trying to get the word out. Thanks!


Mari said...

Cute! I love them all. You have a real eye for fabric!

Betsy said...

Kayren ~ my refrigerator magnets came today! I LOVE them! :) I'm posting them on my sidebar with a link to you. Thanks again!

Rochelle said...

Sooo cool! I'm so glad you are getting so into this! :)

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