Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Even Moms Say The Funniest Things

My mom and stepdad are in Texarkana for my (deceased) grandpa's army reunion. It's a WWII group and there are fewer of them every year. My parents are honorary members and go every year.

So today my mom called to check on me and to see if I still had my hair (it's been one week since my treatment).

I told her I thought the inch I have would probably go today or tomorrow.

While we were on the phone, I asked her if she remembered it was my anniversary.

She said she didn't, but that if she was home with her calendar she would. Or at least she thought she had it written down and would.

She apologized and wished me a happy anniversary.

I asked her if she knew how many years I'd been married. She said, "Let me get my purse."

I told her to guess without getting it.

She said, "Forty...."

Me: "I'm only 45!"

My mom: "How many is it then?" (I'm wondering if she realizes that I'd have to be her age to be married that long...)

Me: "26 years."

My mom: "Would you believe me if I told you I was trying to be funny?" With a giggle.

Me: "No!"


Bobbi said...

That SO sounds like a conversation I'd have with my Mom! Of course, it'd be ME that did the silly slip!

It's me said... from ear to ear....i saw my girlfriend today for the first time with a wig...i just had to swallow....omg...that hurts.....darling....but she is so strong woman...just like you...praying for

Mari said...

That's the kind of conversation I used to have with my Mom. So funny!
I've been praying for you - I know the hair loss has to be another hard thing.
Happy Anniversary to you and Robert.

Alum Groups of Delta Delta Delta said...

Kayren, you and your family possess a strong "medication" that
will help you conquer the big "C"
that medication is a great sense of
humor. It will serve you well as
faith does. Big bear Hugs, Myke

Mrs Twins said...

Hi Kayren
Thanks for your comments.
I have been following your blog
I'm thinking of you. My friend was going to mail you I dont know whether she has yet. I ll chat with her soon she's over in the states. Tennessee.
My very bear wishes to you
Sue x

Sarah @ said...

LOL! So funny!

Kathleen said...


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