Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Always Being Behind In Electronics Purchases & Tongues & Scalps

We (as in Hubby and I) have always been behind the electronics power curve. We'd just assume wait until the models get better and the prices go down.

Plus we're kind of electronics wimps.

We didn't get our first VCR until 1991. It seems like everyone we knew had them already.

Answering machine — we didn't get one of those until 1998-ish. I couldn't stand to leave messages on them, so I didn't want one.

Now, people make fun of me for the length of messages I leave. I have no one to stop me from talking!

Our camera — film. Until recently. We loved our film camera and had a couple of extra lenses for it. We had purchased the girls small digital cameras that have been the source of the majority of my blog photos for the last couple of years. I borrowed their cameras a lot.

Until now.

A few months ago (about one month before my breast cancer diagnosis) we purchased a very nice digital camera with an extra zoom lens. Hubby had been saving leftover money from his business trips to purchase it.

I've now become a heavy clicker. I take lots of pictures when I'm photographing the birds in our back yard to try and get the best ones. Because of course the beauty is that you can delete everything you don't want.

In being a heavy clicker, I've gotten some great, if not unusual, shots of some of the birds. Specifically, their tongues. Here is the male red-bellied woodpecker. The first two are tongue shots and the last two you can actually see spit.

These next two pictures are a female oriole the first day we saw her when she migrated in. She's licking her lips/beak in the first one. The second picture also has some orange hanging out.

These next two are the female red-bellied woodpecker. It's a little harder to see her tongue in the first one than it was of the male in the earlier pictures. Her tongue is dark. The second picture we got spit again.

The blue jays aren't really showing their tongues, but I thought they were some cool shots of the one bird feeding the other.

And just to mix things up, this molting cardinal is how I'm feeling about now. Or maybe I should say looking like.

How ironic that he just showed up.


Mari said...

I love my digital camera! You got some really good pictures of the birds around you.

Betsy said... got a great camera! Love how clear and sharp the photos are. The birds obviously love what you're feeding them since they are all drooling! haha.

molting cardinal... oh, he does need a little tlc, doesn't he?

thinking of you...

Betsy said...

another treatment day, I see! Hope this one is much more tolerable!

It's me said...

What a sweet ar you darling??? you are still in my prayers ....and

Bobbi said...

WOW...that is SO COOL. I wish you were here with your super de duper camera to photograph my bluebirds. My little digital isn't really up to the challenge...but like you...we don't make upgrades quickly. I'm glad you see your sense of humor peak out...hahaha...molting cardinal. Love ya...praying!

Alum Groups of Delta Delta Delta said...

The bird pix are great, you
certainly have mastered using
your new camera. As you said it is
so easy to just delete pix that
you don't want or are flops. The
best part is no more having to
have film developed and printed
just to see if you got a good
picture. Now with digital we get
instant gratification so to speak.
You have a variety of birds in
your nice. Hugs, Myke

Rochelle said...

Love the pics! Glad you are enjoying the camera! Sooo sorry you are feeling a bit like a cardinal :( but hopefully it's better than the way you were feeling after the first treatment. Praying for you!!

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