Monday, October 24, 2011


In my last post I asked you if you knew what was going on in that clay pot in my kitchen.

It was noses for my sock snowmen!

I took toothpicks and just dipped them straight into the little paint container, then I flipped them over and stuck them in the floral foam to dry. Super easy!


Alum Groups of Delta Delta Delta said...

Now that makes sense but never
imagined the end product. I can
now go to bed with another
puzzle solved. Thank you. the
cute "little people" have such
lovely pointy noses. Who da
guessed? Hugs, Myke

Alum Groups of Delta Delta Delta said...

Hey, I just identified the little
characters... they are string or
yarn holders....Right? Myke

Mari said...

Oh my word! They are adorable!

Bobbi said...

Awww...they are so cute! Phew...mystery solved...and if I ever make these I now know how to dry the noses. Yeesh...that was a lot of many snowmen did you make? I mean, I know you like them...and we BOTH have the snowmen disease but...hehehe! Just kidding. This would be a great idea for Emma's teacher and SS teachers. Hmmmm....

Betsy said...

Oh are going to be ready for Christmas before Halloween gets here! ha. Speaking of that...there was Christmas music playing and decorations at Big Lots last week. Oh dear. ha.

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