Monday, October 31, 2011


I am seriously in love with it. Or maybe it would be addiction.

Free fall subway art. They have a few others too.

It was a great addition to my fall decorations.

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies. Peanut butter. Brownies. Need I say more?

Individual Strawberry Cheesecakes. Mine weren't ready for serving and didn't have the strawberries on them yet.

Want an invite to Pinterest? Just let me know. Already on Pinterest? I've added the follow link on my sidebar, so just click it so I can follow your ideas too. :)


Mari said...

I love Pinterest and I'm glad you are enjoying it. You're much better about actually using the ideas. I've done some but I've got a lot more to try!

Michelle P said...

I'm in love with Pinterest also!

Betsy said...

You have to do Facebook to be able to do Pinterest! boo-hoo. :(

faerie said...

I just discovered pinterest last night and am in love! Pleaase can I have an invite? I'm so excited to start pinning!
Your blog is super beautiful. all the Fall posts make me wish it weren't Spring here in New Zealand!

Shana said...

I certainly want the peanut butter cups! Pinterest is the greatest thing- I just need the time to pin more items on my board :)

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