Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

You finally aren't that icky prime number 43 anymore. You're that nice, round, pretty 44.

Don't worry, I'll be there with you in a couple of months and a half.

Overheard from Hubby at our house tonight:

"That's the tallest cake I've ever seen." (Six inches to be exact.)

"I hope this doesn't set off the smoke detectors."

"Open the back door."

"Oh, I get it, you made this in honor of Jeff Gordon and the Rainbow Warriors." (Who?)

"The next time I'm an increment of 22 I'll be 66, and then 88. And then I'll be..."

...here I piped in probably dead.

I found the recipe for this rainbow cake over at MckMama's blog. I'll share the recipe with you tomorrow along with all the crazy casualties along the way.

If we don't get Hubby an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen I usually make him German Chocolate Cake, which is his favorite. I didn't find this out until we had been married for at least six years, maybe more.

And we had dated since the 9th grade. How could I not know that was his favorite cake? I'd spent lots of birthdays with him, and I have a good memory. I mean, I still remember Mr. Bergman from 9th grade and how he deducted two points from my grade every day I was late to class (and he didn't fall for the excuse that I had to get all the way from typing class at the other end of the 'L' to my locker and then to his class in five minutes), and how he deducted points for a word I used in an essay that wasn't a word (understandingness), but I still thought it was cool because it took up an entire line on wide-ruled paper, and how all these deductions cost me a whole letter grade one semester. Not bitter, just a good memory. So the point is, I don't ever remember having German Chocolate Cake in my life. That is, before I made one for him. You know, when I found out it was his favorite.

So this year when I saw the rainbow cake I knew it was time for something different. It was moist and yummy, and oh, so pretty. Even fun! What more could you ask for than that.

Have another great year, Hubby!


Mari said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! The cake is awesome. And he's right - it's tall! How much food coloring did you go through to get those brilliant colors? I guess I'll find out tomorrow!

MomE said...

That is one AWESOME cake...in height and color I give it a 10!!! Happy belated Birthday to your hubs from bloggyland!

MomsTheWord said...

Seriously fun cake! Please pass along our "Happy Birthdays!"

Rochelle said...

Woot! Woot!

Happy birthday to your hubby!!!

I was so excited to see those pics of that cake! I so love MckMama's blog, and it was really neat to hear about someone else making it. I love it! :)

Ronnica said...

I always like being even numbers. Unfortunately, I'll be and odd number on my birthday in 2 months...

Betsy said...

OK...I HAVE to have a Jeff Gordon cake for my next birthday!

I'm sure the hubby is thrilled to be a 'pretty number' ha-ha!

Happy Birthday!

Demara said...

pretty cake Kayren! Wow...how did you know it turned out in the inside of it? Were you just hoping for the best once you cut into it?!?!

I'm curious as to how it tasted now...and german chocolate cake is YUMmeeeee :P

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