Sunday, October 4, 2009

Menu Plan Monday — October 5

I did fantastic last week and only have one thing to bring forward. We had leftovers from a couple of nights so I didn't make the Enchilada Casserole on Friday night that I had planned. Since I already have all the ingredients, I'll be trying it this week.

The Crispy Yogurt Chicken I made last Thursday was a new recipe I got from The Pioneer Woman. It was good, like she said not really quite fried chicken, and I'll make it again. Next time though I'm leaving out the lemon juice; you could actually taste the lemon in the coating and although it didn't totally ruin it for me, it wasn't great. I can't imagine any purpose it would serve other than flavor because you put a slab of butter on the top of each piece of chicken to keep it moist while it's cooking, and personally, butter is so much better than lemon any day of the week in my book. (There were a couple of pieces left over, I love cold fried chicken, and this was good cold too!)

Monday — Leftover Beef Stew. I always make a big pot, and since I made it on Saturday and we didn't eat any of it on Sunday (our eating out day), we can have it tonight. Delish!

TuesdayEnchilada Casserole. Brought forward from last week.

Wednesday — We'll only have Caboose with us because the other kids will be doing roadside litter pick-up (a church youth project). They'll go straight from that to eat fast food, so we may take Caboose somewhere special. I have a few ideas but I don't want the kids to read it here and get all green-eyed.

ThursdayTacos with Homemade Taco Seasoning. Last week I mentioned the Country-Style Pork Loin was one meal that all six of us loved; well, this is another one that passes everyone's test.

FridayTaco Salad. I've had to start making more taco meat than I used to just to have enough leftovers for this. Having a teenage human garbage disposal will do that to you.

SaturdaySteak Burritos. This is a new recipe and is made in the Crock Pot. If I find out we have plans and I won't be home to keep an eye on it, I'll probably make Swiss Chicken Casserole.

Sunday — Eat out since we ate in all week!

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Bonnie said...

The crispy yogurt chicken looks delish ... i love pioneer woman recipes. i've bookmarked this one to try !

Mari said...

Looks like good eating at your house this week!

Betsy said...

Yum! I purposefully made extras on 3 meals last week and we enjoyed leftovers all weekend and will again tonight. Why don't I do that every week? ha!

Love Bears All Things said...

I love coming by on Monday to read your menu.
Mama Bear

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