Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We have the crud at our house. It's not the flu, or H1N1, just the old regular cold crud. Still, it's not fun.

Fall and the very cool weather has hit with a force. We've already had a heavy frost, and with the exception of tomorrow's forecasted 60-degree day, our 10-day forecast barely has us getting into the 50s, and a couple of days has us in the 40s. The constant gales we have had overnight and throughout this morning are only exceeded in my recent memory by Tropical Storm Ernesto's 60 mph winds while we were living in Fort Eustis, Virginia.

I've started a new afghan. It's for Hubby. Instead of 10 plain rows and then one accent row (which was that dreaded fuzzy yarn), repeat until finished, I'm doing 20 plain rows followed by two accent rows, repeat until finished. Repeat until finished is however long I want it to be, which will probably be around 200 rows. Or so.

And since he's a guy and a little wider his is 200 stitches across instead of 150. I want him to be well-covered and warm and be able to tuck it in if he's cold.

I gave in and turned the heat on for the first time yesterday evening for about 30 minutes. It was about 67 degrees in the house. It's been colder and I've been fine, but I guess with the crud I just couldn't handle it any longer. We keep our thermostats at 68 during the day in the winter and 62 at night. We have good duvet covers. I think my mom thought we were crazy.

I have over 4,000 emails in my inbox. I think I'm getting close to 5,000. I don't do email well. I've been procrastinating horribly since 2,000. Yes, I know you might think I was procrastinating before that, but I though I'd take care of it at 2,000, which means that I actually didn't start procrastinating until then. (Remember I'm sick and if it makes me feel better to tell the story that way, just let me.) My goal is to take care of it before Hubby's birthday next week, like he cares, but I need a target to shoot for, and my birthday is way too far away.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed on my birthday in 1998. I had a benign biopsy in 1997. Hubby wore a tie with pink breast cancer ribbons on it to work yesterday. He will wear it a lot this month.

I've spent the last two weeks going to the oral surgeon every other day for Sparky. She had her wisdom teeth extracted several weeks ago. They were healing fine, all closed up, and then she developed an infection on one of the bottom areas (it wasn't a dry socket). She had to have it reopened (you can read between the lines), packed with stuff, and sutured back up on the Friday the girls left for their youth trip. We've gone every other day since then to have the packing removed and replaced. Today it was removed and the site is just open. She has to rinse it well while it closes up, and then we go back in a week for the doctor to check it and make sure it's closing properly.

Do you have days when you feel like all you can do is "Stuff?"


MomE said...

Oh, I'm sorry you're so stuffie! Poor Sparky...ouch and eew! I'll be praying for yas!

Mari said...

The crud is over here too. People is the nursing home are quite sick and so are lots of employees. I'm good so far!
Your inbox needs to be cleaned out! For Pete's sake - there could be mail from me in there!

Betsy said...

Hope you guys feel better soon!

Kayren, I can't believe your OCD allows you to have emails just accumulating in your inbox! ha-ha! I clear mine out many times each day. Hmmmm....maybe I'm the OCD one!

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