Monday, June 28, 2010

3 out of 4 is PLENTY!

Chatty came back from Horse Camp happy, and more importantly, unscathed.

Because immediately following the stitch marks and blisters obtained by Buddy and Sparky (and those blisters ended up being second degree burns, and she has since turned into a scaly creature and we're just trying to protect the new skin), Caboose did this on the inflatables at Family Fun Night at church.

Like most 10-year-old boys, he didn't tell us until he got home. You know, so he wouldn't have to leave all the fun.


Rochelle said...

Oh wow! Quite the time in your house! {Thanks for linking to your previous post; I'd missed it while on vaca.} Never a dull day, eh?

Hope everyone is better and healed soon! :) Glad Chatty is unscathed!!

Love Bears All Things said...

My daughter went to camp and learned to ride and care for a horse...Then her Dad bought her one.
Mama Bear

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