Thursday, June 3, 2010

May Clutter Totals

In the middle of May I did a clutter update which included the following 193 items I had sold on ebay:

20 Homemade Gourmet items (wrought iron, recipe card sets, etc.)
3 Longaberger pieces
125 Imaginext items (sets and accessories - it's more than this, but I didn't count every single little piece) in two different auctions
45 Rescue Heroes and accessories

I still had auctions that had closed but had not shipped out yet, and I also had auctions ongoing. By the end of May, these are the other items I sold on ebay:

72 Disney Narnia Figurines and Accessories
32 Homeschool Books
86 Rubber Duckies
677 Rokenbok Pieces (six different sets)

That's another 867 items.

I made one trip to the Salvation Army. I got rid of at least one of the things in our garage that has been like an elephant. The kids and I actually maneuvered it into the van by tipping it to get the angled top in. It was pretty impressive.

The hutch complete with glass shelves that weren't even opened after we got here, because we simply didn't have a place for it.

So these are the items I donated for May:

1 Hutch
3 boys' jeans
1 boys' jean shorts
6 boys' dress pants
8 boys' knits shirts
2 boys' long-sleeve knit shirts
2 boys' short-sleeve polo shirts
1 boys' long-sleeve polo shirt
1 boys' short-sleeve dress shirt
5 girls' knit short-sleeve shirts
2 men's dress pants
1 ladies' wool jacket
1 ladies' dress shirt
1 VCR/DVD player
1 Narnia game
1 Triominoes game
1 Granny Apples game
1 In a Pickle game

That's an additional 39 items for a grand total of 1,099 items in May, and 1,805 items for the year, and I just started in April! Even if I counted the Rokenbok as 6 sets instead of 677 pieces (and those little pieces deserve to be counted they are such a pain!), I would still be at 1,134 for the year.

I have trouble getting rid of books, and I'm going through all of my homeschool books this weekend because there is a used book sale I'm participating in next Tuesday. I not only want to try to get rid of my excess, because I obviously have it, I am trying to find ways to benefit my family since I don't work outside the home. This is one way I can do that right now.

I suppose I'll challenge myself now and start over. I think it might be harder to do a second time, but I'm going to try my best and challenge my kids too when I need to. Hopefully the book sale next week will be a start.

Amy at The Finer Things hosts the 730 in 365 Declutter Challenge if you'd like to see who is participating or link up yourself.


Mari said...

I am so impressed! Way to declutter!
I do want to know about the 86 rubber ducks. It seems there is a story to be told here!

Stacy said...

Wow! I'm impressed with your totals! I thought I was doing good with 67 items.

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