Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Does this give you a better idea what was going on in these pictures?

It's a little more obvious here. The color and the in-progress mess.

That's one long wall in those two pictures. It's the length of a three-car garage. It took a full gallon of paint for that one wall. Two coats. Behr Ultra Paint plus Primer.

In the last week I've used nine gallons of paint...all by myself...Hubby's out of town.


It's me said...

WOWWWWW!!!...i really like that color!!!.happy day Ria....

Mari said...

I love that color!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

I love that blue, Kayren!! My fave color! It reminds me of our master bedroom in the first house we owned. I miss that bedroom:)

Rochelle said...

Ohhhh, very pretty!

The Stylish House said...

Looks great it's a pretty shade of blue! I have a bathroom I've had a ladder and gallon of paint sitting in for over two months. Just need to find the motivation.

Alum Groups of Delta Delta Delta said...

Kayren, With Hallooween coming up
how cool is it to have an eerie
green glow in your hallway? How
did the second coat come out? I have a favor to ask of you...please
send me an e-mail at so I can send you
a very personal e-mail. I am
Heather's MiMi and have a great
fwd that I want to share with you.
Hugs to you and your wonderful
family. Myke

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