Monday, October 25, 2010

Not Blue
Alternately Titled "The Room That's Glowing"

This is the bathroom that Sparky, Buddy, and Caboose share. I'm hoping that once the shower curtain goes back up it helps deflect the glare coming out into the hall.

Seriously. After one coat last night there was a definite green glow in the hall when the light was on in that bathroom.

I'm waiting for the second coat to dry today.

It appears to match the Garnier bottle. Could that be considered a plus?


The Stylish House said...

It's a nice shade and I like it.
Matching the Garnier bottle is a definate plus, LOL! Getting the shower curtain up should tone it down. I'm actually out the door to Sherwin Williams. One of my home away from homes.

Rochelle said...

Bwhahahaha! Oh dear. I hope they love it! :)

Mari said...

I think it'll look great when it's all done!

Betsy said...

It's very cheery! :) I use Garnier, too!

Betsy said...

And Mari! You're always first to comment! You're slipping today! LOL!

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Love that color! That will wake someone up in the morning!
Best regards,

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