Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've been with Hubby since he got to his room Monday night. The transplant floor is sort of it's own special type of ICU but without one-on-one nursing care, although it is a better ratio than if he were on a typical floor. There are only private rooms and a pull-out chair, but the man at the front desk offered me a roll-away bed the first night. It's very nice and has a typical twin mattress on it.

Hubby asked me to stay again on Tuesday night, and Keith and Lori kept the kids another night. They've had them since Sunday night. Lori brought them up last night to see their dad for a little bit.

I know you're all probably curious how he is doing. You know how when you start a new brutal exercise program and the next day you feel bad and the day after that is even worse. It's kind of like that on a much grander scale. Hubby can have a tendency towards getting motion sickness, so some of the meds are making him feel dizzy and nauseous.

He's gotten very little real sleep. He has a central line that is very uncomfortable and he cannot wait to have removed, but they are providing TPN (liquid nutrition) through that line and cannot do that through a standard IV line. They have removed the other IVs and just have the central line in the neck now.

When you lose part of your liver, your own bilirubin goes up. He has a scratch on his eye from surgery. He'd love to take a shower. But he's not complaining and is trying to be agreeable. I told him he needs to get into that runner's mode now, the one I totally don't get, because running and me don't get along.

Even though we talked about what to expect to as much of a degree as possible based on the two C-sections I'd had, it still wasn't enough to prepare him for this. Yet even if he'd known, it wouldn't change his choice. This was a leading by God for both of us, and it really wasn't our choice at all. The glory all belongs to HIM.

Thanks for continuing to pray. I think Hubby would be happy with the six weeks recovery time now!


The Stylish House said...

We are praying for Robert and hope he feels much better today. Heather loved her half of the donor pin and was deeply touched by the gesture. After you and the kids left last night Heather crashed a little. Her pain was a problem, but it was eventually resolved. My sister Beth ended up staying the night with Heather and Rick & I went home for a bit of sleep. We returned to HF around 5:00 am. Heather might leave ICU today and also be on the transplant floor.
Rick is with Heather now, Beth is upstairs sleeping and I'm about to get a few more hours of sleep myself. I wish things would go textbook perfect, but with something as big as this I guess it's not a surpise there will be ups and downs.
You can try to anticipate what you might experience, but the reality is always different. This truly was a personal sacrifice for Robert to save Heather's life. My biggest wish for Robert is he only has a faded scar as a reminder.
I'm glad to hear Robert still feels his decsion to donate was the right one, but it's not been an easy one.
My (our) thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Mari said...

It's a major surgery and Robert probably feels like he was hit with a truck. Glad that even in the middle of it, he still stands by his decision. He's quite a guy!

Love Bears All Things said...

Thanks for letting us know how he is doing....and it was good to hear from Cathy here, too. I know all of you are being watched over by the Father...Isn't it wonderful that they have this knowledge available so that one person can benefit from another in this way...It a God thing!
Mama Bear

Kelli said...

I am so happy to hear that things are going as best as can be expected! I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!

Kelli @

It's me said...

Give Robert a bigg huge hug from me...he is my angel !!...wowwwwww..i am so so glad he did this for Heather......we will pray for you and Robert and your family darling.......blessings God is great !! hugs from me Ria....

Bobbi said...

So encouraged to hear the updates. Thank you. I will continue to pray. Much love to you!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Thanks for the update...I actually had been wondering today how all of you were doing!!! More prayers for a brave man and his family!!!

Cindy said...

God bless you and your hubby for the sacrifice you have made. I have been following your stories and I have so much respect for your hubby. (For you too, it can't be easy to see your loved one go through this.) Love and prayers, Cindy

Linda said...

You and your husband are amazing! This is the most beautiful gift of love I have heard of!

I have prayed... and will continue to pray for Robert and for Heather..and both families.

Rest in the Lord.

In Christ's Love,
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Shana said...

Your whole family is in my prayers. Pray that this experience continues to draw you closer to each other and Christ.


Betsy said...

I'm glad he's doing alright. Hopefully the pain will subside, he'll get the tube out and get to shower soon! I'm guessing he won't really sleep until he gets home. Hospitals are horrible places for sleep, aren't they? ha.

Still praying for you guys...and Heather, too. :)

MomsTheWord said...

He's a hero. We're praying for everyone's complete healing and God's goodness to be evident.

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