Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fabulous Fall Fun

It's not your ordinary fall fun. No leaf raking. No jumping in leaves. No driving through the countryside looking at trees changing colors.

Of course up here in Michigan the trees have already changed colors and all the leaves have pretty much fallen off the trees, so a drive would net you nothing.

Our fall fun consisted of Missionary Christmas at our church and a house-full of house-guests (this was a different home than came last year).

There was a lot of chase going on up and down our stairs this weekend! Pinball, air hockey, legos, and board games just added to the fun.

Monday night we went to a hockey game with some of our favorite people in the whole world. We got there early because traffic wasn't bad and we picked up our tickets in a snap from the Stub Hub location.

Since they only open the doors an hour before game time, and since I will just reiterate that we live in Michigan, thus cold weather, we were chilly and had time to spare. So we did what any normal people would do. We spent 50 cents a person and jumped on the People Mover, which goes in a circle around downtown, above ground, and takes roughly 10 minutes or so. The People Mover is like any metro or subway that is above ground on the rails.

The kids all thought it was great, and we added entertainment value for some of the other riders.

And since Hubby's sister thought that he needed a picture to make him look younger on the sidebar, we took one outside the Joe and I've added it over on the sidebar too. I still left up his scruffy-faced picture though, because I like it.

The surgery date is next Monday, so no more hockey for a while except on tv. Sorry, Hubby.


It's me said...

Hi both look very nice....wishing you all the best for next monday.......i will be praying for you........the candle on my blog burns also for Robert and Heather.....i hope so everything goes well for both........lots of love and blessings and warm hugs from me Ria...

Mari said...

You've been busy! The people mover was a good idea. I like the picture of you and Robert too.
Hard to believe it's almost surgery time. I'll be praying for Robert and Heather.

Betsy said...

Both things look like a lot of fun! Hope the surgeries go well...I know you'll keep us posted!

Ginny said...

Love the People Mover! I really need to take my kiddos on it.

The Stylish House said...

It's fun to see the photo of the kids on the steps since I was there when it was taken! The photo of you and Robert is very nice also.

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