Thursday, February 24, 2011

$1 Jeans

This morning when Hubby left for work he asked me if I had a dollar bill because he was wearing jeans. I was still pretty much asleep so the oddity of the question didn't register.

I told him there was one on the kitchen table he could pick up on his way out.

Hubby leaves very early, and I don't always really wake up when he tells me bye. This morning about five minutes after he left, it registered what he'd said, but I knew it had snowed some overnight so I didn't want to call him while he was driving.

A couple hours later when I got up and called him, I asked him if he had to pay a dollar to wear jeans when it wasn't casual Friday.

It turns out that they have a fundraiser once a month and they can wear jeans on a day other than Friday and pay the dollar for the fundraiser.

Then it all made perfect sense.


It's me said...

Hhahaahh!! nice story !! happy weekend

Love Bears All Things said...

That's amazing...times are a changing...I remember when Honey Bear wore dress shirts and ties with khakis to he mostly wears jeans unless he is at the main office for meetings.
I don't usually get up when he leaves either...he is so fast in the mornings that I would just be in the way..he is a morning person and is usually out the door in 15 minutes, eating his breakfast on the road.
Mama Bear

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