Saturday, February 12, 2011

Naïveté Is Bliss

Sparky always has to fly to meet the rest of the group wherever they are leaving the country. The last two times have been from Miami.

Even though she could take two checked pieces of luggage on the international flight, she is only allowed one because the group may need her second one to take food or materials or tools. This time we had prior permission for her to take two so she could take all the items for the orphanage.

Her chaperone (who she flies out of Michigan with) suggested that they upgrade to business class so they didn't have to pay any domestic baggage fees. The cost was pretty much a wash.

Hubby and I were joking about the free beverage, and I said that it did say she'd get a free cocktail, and Sparky said, "You mean I get shrimp!?"

She's so sweet. We had a really good laugh about that one.

Her chaperone had some fun at her expense too. She made fun of her because the seats were bigger in business class and Sparky's feet didn't touch the ground.


Betsy said...

Oh, that's cute. :) Hope they have a really great trip. The suitcase full of goodies for the orphanage was a great idea. Life changing experiences, huh!

Mari said...

That is pretty funny!
Do you think your feet would touch the floor if you flew business class? :)

Bobbi said...

Yeah, my husband said I'm the only person who thinks economy is the more comfortable because my feet touch the ground! HA...oh sweet Sparky...I feel your pain...and I'm praying for you!!

Jennifer said...

What an adventure that your daughter gets to partake! I noticed the stuffed animals and wondered if I could send you my collection of beanie babies to offer for her next trip? I have a bunch and they will just end up at a Goodwill and would like to send them to someone that would get some use out of them. Please just email me and I would be happy to box them up and send them to you.

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