Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Cuteness Is Hurting My Eyes

I had a couple of dedicated Valentine's Day wreaths, so I decided that one dedicated Easter wreath was in order.

I was fortunate enough to find a grapevine wreath at Hobby Lobby that was misshapen. It had and oval/egg shape. It was perfect for a starting point. I actually had no idea what my plans were.

I found the bright pastel colored garland and got two lengths of it, one package of sequined egg ornaments, one package of stemmed felt flowers, a stuffed bunny ornament, and a resin chick.

I put the white ribbon at the top first, then I wrapped the two strands of garland around the wreath. I just tucked the ends under some of the vines. I tucked the flowers in, and then I cut the ribbon hangers off the eggs and hot-glued them on. I also used hot glue to attach the bunny and the chick (lots for the chick since it's heavy).

That's it! Pure cuteness!

I'm linking up at Skip to my Lou.


Mari said...

It's so cute!!!
I love the way the chick is peeking out.

Betsy said...

Nice job! It looks so spring-ish! Do you ever look at the premade wreaths at places like Michaels? Yours there would have a $100 price tag on it! My jaw always drops as I look...then I go make my own! lol.

Rochelle said...

Very nice, I love it!!

It's me said...

What a nice wreath !! like the colors !! have a nice

Anonymous said...

This is SOOO cute! I was literally just wondering what I was going to put on our front door to welcome everyone in the Easter season! Thank you!

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