Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm guilty! I have too many going right now.

Last week I decided that my bottom kitchen cabinets just weren't working. They'd been bugging me for a long time, so I pretty much pulled everything out and reorganized them. They are much better. In doing so, I have several old plastic cereal containers that I can take to Salvation Army.

But as is my usual pattern, starting one project usually involves getting another one going in some way or another. This time it was the skinny bottom cabinet that holds my cookbooks, binders with recipes, and a plastic shoebox with recipes, as well as a couple of binders with important type papers.

I've been wanting to go through my recipes for some time and type them all out, print them, and slide them in page protectors, just for ease. I currently have some written in lined notebooks, some on cards, some on scraps of paper — you get the idea. Plus I have ones I've torn from magazines or already printed from the internet in page protectors. (The OCD in me is typing those so they look the same!)

That project got me going on my other loose papers that have been piled and were waiting to be filed. Mainly ideas, things I've torn from magazines, printed from the internet, etc. I had a giant notebook where some were in page protectors, but I still had file folders with things that needed to be gone through to see if they were worth keeping and putting in the notebook or tossing. That giant notebook was also too big and one of the rings was off-center, so I got two smaller ones. I also put everything related to Christmas in its own binder.

And of course my pantry closet, which is shelving but not walk-in, can't seem to function just right for me. I still haven't gotten it right. And since I'd worked on the bottom kitchen cabinets, it made sense to work on it. It was a little chaotic anyway.

I also made some little felt hearts that I thought would make a cute garland for my fireplace mantle. But it was too cutesy and since we live in Michigan and are still using the fireplace, I was worried that hanging down it might get too hot. So I'll save it and use it on the Christmas tree next year. But I'll need more, because there are only eight hearts on this string.

That's a project that can wait!


Mari said...

I love re-organizing my kitchen and making it work better. Although you would think by now I would be set!
The garland is really cute!

Love Bears All Things said...

I think we all get into this at this time of year.
Mama Bear

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