Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Bunny Chair And Hillbilly Pillow

This morning the girls had a commitment at church and then went to lunch. I took that opportunity to work on my grandma's rocking chair that I've had since Caboose was born (over 11 years ago). It is still in the same condition as when I got it, which has lots of lovely mustard color from the 1970s. The wood is pretty scratched up from being old and from being moved at least four different times since we've had it. Once we even saw it taken off the moving truck out of a wooden crate, sitting upside down on top of our grill. There wasn't any packing material around anything in that entire crate. Needless to say it went down as one of our two worst moves.

I could have painted the wood and then sanded it, or I could have sanded it and evened it out, but I wanted this to be as simple as possible. I'd been motivated by the nester covering a footstool in fur with her glue gun, and the primary reason this chair hadn't been recovered yet was because I was intimidated by the upholstery. It wouldn't be like covering a chair seat and stapling underneath it.

I bought some white short fur half price at JoAnn's a few weeks ago. The base is a little thin, but I had some light-colored muslin I hot-glued on the chair first. I could have gotten away with not using it, but it looked better with it.

The girls walked in after lunch and I had the chair about 75 percent finished. The first thing Chatty said was, "It's a bunny chair."

I did vacuum it, but I'm curious to see if we can sit in it without having to use a lint roller. I vacuumed myself too. It was not a pretty sight. I thought I was part bunny by the time it was all over! Of course it didn't help that I was wearing black knit pants.

At Christmastime I purchased a set of two matching fabric napkins at Target. I used them to make a pillow. Since the napkins had finished edges there were a lot of options, but I have it finished off with a zipper.

The first thing Caboose said when he saw the pillow back then was, "It's a hillbilly pillow!" He still doesn't really like this pillow. I don't know why. I think I'm going to move it to my bed.

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