Sunday, April 24, 2011


Buddy's latest thing is to scare us. He likes to jump out at his siblings and say, "Boo!" or hide around the corner in a room, and when I come in he'll wait until I notice him and then kind of go, "Ah!"

He's smart enough to do it very quietly with me. I'm used to him and don't usually jump or scare.

About two weeks ago I sent Sparky to the basement for something. I heard her scream and she kind of ran back towards me. I got scared because I thought she saw a big spider.

Nope. Buddy put his life-sized stand-up Cal Ripken, Jr., on the fourth stair down. That was the first thing she saw when she opened the door.

See, about a week prior to this we had finished cleaning out the garage. Buddy has had Cal since Illinois, but he'd been living folded up in the garage since we got here. We had Buddy move him to the basement and we stood him up.

Next thing we know we're following Buddy down the stairs and he jumps back. He has put his "Big Cal" right around the corner so that when someone walked down the basement stairs and turned the corner to the right, they would see a big man. He scared himself twice. He decided that wasn't working so well and he was going to take a different approach. That's when Cal turned up on the stairs.

Next thing I knew Caboose had moved him into the powder room and had scared one of his sisters.

I'm just hoping he doesn't show up on small group night.


Mari said...

Your kids are hilarious!

Betsy said...

My sisters and I used to do that stuff all the time. :)

Happy Easter!

Bobbi said...

My Mom decorated her basement bathroom in geese and green...and she thought a plastic lawn goose would go great in there and it looked good but repeatedly scared the bajeebers out of everyone. We'd have guests queal when they went to the bathroom... and then we'd have to apologize for not warning them about the goose. HA!

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