Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Monday

The 18th of April, we had three inches of snow. It was about 28 degrees outside.

It looks like even this American Tree Sparrow was looking up to figure out what was going on!

It's 50 right now. That seems almost like summer after last Monday.


Mari said...

It was crazy! It's feeling pretty good here at the moment too. Hope it stays that way.
One of my blog friends who lives out your way said we will probably go right from Winter to Springerall - and then back to Winter again. I thought that was pretty good!

Bobbi said...

Um, what's up with the blog title in the middle of the beautiful pictures. I guess you're pretty worried someone will steal your shots? It kind of detracts though...just sayin'

Bummer about the Spring snow!

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