Friday, July 1, 2011

Bundling Skills

We like to watch the TV show American Pickers at our house. If you've seen the show, Frank always likes to go for the bundle. Instead of paying one price for something, and one price for something else, he tries to bundle two or more things for a little lower price.

Those skills came in handy when Sparky went to the Dominican Republic in February. They had some good shopping close by, and she was able to buy lots of bracelets and necklaces for practically nothing to give to her friends. We even have a few left over.

The same man who made the jewelry also made wooden carvings. Sparky always tries to get Caboose some kind of carving if possible (and he loves turtles), and the Hispaniolan Woodpecker was a must for her dad. Not to mention her dad's love of birding, Sparky saw the Hispaniolan Woodpecker when she was in the DR.

The woodpecker was $10 and the turtle was $7. She looked around and didn't seem overly interested, and then asked if he would take $12 for both. He did.

She came home and told me all about her bundling skills! She did good.


Mari said...

We love American Pickers too, but haven't tried bundling ourselves. Nice job Sparky!

Betsy said...

How very fun! I know some countries, like Mexico, want you to barter like that. And some other places, like the Bahamas are insulted if you do it. ha. I love the little turtle!

Linda said...

My husband is good at bargaining...but I just cannot do it.

He has bought and sold for many years and knows what he is doing...I don't. (:>)

I like the turtle...I don't know why, but I am drawn to turtles.???

My husband John watches American Pickers too...he loves all of those kinds of programs.

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