Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nose Hairs and Other Random Things

I take prescription antihistamines. Since I've started chemo, I've not been diligent about taking them in the morning and night both. When I was throwing up so violently after my first chemo, followed by four days of eating practically nothing, pills were not part of my thought pattern. Unless they were for nausea, of course.

For the last week or so my nose has been rather drippy, so I've been diligently taking my antihistamines morning and night. And I'm still pretty drippy. Which got me to thinking this morning.

Someone hubby works with mentioned that someone they knew lost their nose hairs along with all the other hairs that are unfortunately lost (although I won't mind not shaving my arms and legs, so that doesn't fall into the unfortunate category). And after their nose hairs fell out their nose ran all the time.

I checked in my mirror this morning. I don't know what I started with as far as nose hairs go. I can still see some, but I'm thinking that the nose hairs have significantly lessened enough in population that I am now in the 'nose run all the time' category, regardless of taking my antihistamine pills.

On another note, had you noticed that on my right sidebar I've put my upcoming treatment schedule? Betsy had that idea so people who wanted to specifically pray could find the dates without digging through old posts. You know, the ones about nose hairs and tongues and birds on pants.

I take a shot that helps my body produce more bone marrow the day following my chemotherapy. One potential side effect is bone pain. I didn't have any the first time, although I was already sicker than a dog. But after the second treatment two weeks ago and the shot, I did have some bone pain. It started in my ribs and then a couple of days later it hurt to take deep breaths. I had significant fatigue starting four days after chemo on Sunday which coincided with the bone pain. I had almost a full week of fatigue. We'll see what happens after the shot tomorrow (which we do at home and hubby gives me in the stomach!)

Switching gears, we lost a dear older friend at church a couple of weeks ago. This couple is part of the small group we host in our home. Bill was one of the most amazing Christian men I've ever met. Our kids love both he and his wife. After he passed away, Sparky said to her dad, "I think I'm going to quit being friends with old men. They keep dying on me." We had very special friends in Illinois, and Franklin died not too long after we moved to Virginia. We were family friends, but Sparky had a special relationship with him. He taught her how to use her natural artistic abilities to paint.

Chatty is away at horse camp as an assistant counselor for the next two weeks. It's harder for her to be away without one of us than for Sparky to just take off to other countries and continents. Our kids are all so different!

Sparky decided I needed to do an update on my 'Meet the Kids' posts since things have changed. I think I may take her up on it.

Oh, and in again totally unrelated but kind of big news, depending on which camp you're from, I'm on Facebook now. I was a serious hold-out, but I started to see some benefits and decided to take the plunge. Now I'm addicted to this Gardens of Time game. That wasn't the benefit I saw and probably won't ever be the benefit! If I know you from here and you want to friend me, just send me a request.


Mari said...

I like the treatments on the side bar. That Betsy is pretty smart!
I never thought about a runny nose because of losing your nose hairs. but it makes sense.
I love that you are on Facebook!

Love Bears All Things said...

Interesting post. Thanks for the update on everything.
I only go on Facebook to check on my kids in Texas and Afghanistan and a few cousins. I'm not much for commenting or posting. I like blogging too much and it takes up enough time. I've never participated in any of the games.
Hope your summer is going well, despite the chemo.
And it is time to update.
Mama Bear

JMS said...

Thanks for the update Kayren and especially the treatmenst side bar. Its great to be specific in our prayers and this enables me to pray for you even though we have never met. Love the internet!!!

Julie in Australia

Betsy said...

How interesting about the drippy nose! I take allergy meds and my nose is still runny...although I just thought it was the season. I did see on the news that this is the worst year ever on record for allergy sufferers.

Still praying for you, Kayren. xo

Betsy said...

Just popping in to say hello, check your sidebar schedule, and say I'm thinking of you!

Lizzie said...

Hi, I too am losing nose hairs, I also have a lot of medical issues. I'm so sorry for what you're enduring. I heard that a neti pot would help. I'm about to start trying it. Who knew..Nose Hairs are indeed important. :-) Beth

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