Friday, April 17, 2009

Ken Lee

This is our first year to watch American Idol. I'm glad to say that my kids and I have similar favorites and non-favorites.

None of us get that Adam dude. Personally, he's a little one-dimensional.

About a year ago when we still lived in Virginia, Hubby had a video clip forwarded to him from the Bulgarian version of American Idol. I had to go over to youtube to find it to embed here, but it's absolutely hilarious.

Makes Adam not look quite so bad.


Beth said...

Hysterical! :) I'm with you about Adam. Ugh. My favorite is Danny. My 17 y/o daughter LOVES Kris, but just because he's cute!

Mari said...

That is hillarious! I have always watched AI, but am missing it this year because it's on at the same time as Biggest Loser and that won out.

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