Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Our church has one of the most amazing events I've ever been privileged to attend or be a part of. It's called Missionary Christmas.

Last year we had just recently moved here and started attending the church so it was the first time we had the experience. A few people tried to explain it, but it's really difficult even though it should be simple, so I know I'm going to have trouble putting it into words that even come close to illustrating it for you. This year was obviously our second one, and it's always held around the beginning of November.

Our church independently supports a multitude of missionaries locally and around the world, as well as local missionary agencies (I'm roughly guessing 20 to 25 without having any numbers in front of me but having just recently seen the budget). During Missionary Christmas this year, 28 missionary families (including a few retired missionaries) attended the weekend-long activities.

We have a dinner and service on Friday night, a brunch on Saturday morning where we hear a small word from each missionary about what they are doing, a service on Saturday night followed by a dessert fellowship, and then special Sunday school times followed by the service on Sunday morning. At the end of the morning service all of the missionaries are presented with Christmas gifts, some of them rather significant for specific things they've mentioned they are in need of over the weekend. It's humbling to see God's work.

Well, as it turns out, our kids wanted us to keep a missionary family with children at our home for the weekend, and the family that used to keep the Baptist Children's Home is no longer at our church, so guess what we did?! We had an absolute, crazy blast!

And here are the two sets of parents who made it through the weekend with smiles still on their faces.

You know what we'll be doing the first part of every November from now on.


Bobbi said...

Growing up we always had missionaries staying at our house. They are some of my most treasured memories...and taught me so many things about God's goodness and purposes for my life.

Heather said...

Wow Kayren, that is awesome! I bet both sets of families were blessed.

Demara said...

Wow look at your Kayren with SO MANY kids!! hehe That would have been so much fun for your kids albeit.

Mari said...

What a wonderful thing for your church to do, and how neat that you were able to join in. I know you were blessed as much as you were a blessing!

Betsy said...

We have a couple in our church (our age) who were both orphans at Baptist Children's Home! That's how they met.

Debbie said...

Thanks for opening your home. I just know that it was a terrific experience for everyone. Mr. Linky is up for this week's Crock Pot Wednesday. I appreciate your participation God's blessings on all you do.

Rochelle said...

that is really neat! :)

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