Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Identifying my Girls by Stacks of Shirts

I shopped last Friday for some new shirts for the girls. I'm saving most of them for Christmas, but I did have them try them on just to make sure we could return them if they didn't work. But I'm good. They all worked. :)

So this morning I was cutting off the tags, folding them, and stacking them on my (unmade!) bed.

I started giggling about halfway through the folding. There was definitely a pattern developing. Sparky came in while I was folding and I even made her giggle about it. Then she thought I should go ahead and give her all her shirts now. Sorry, Sparky.

This is one of Sparky's new shirts. She said it's going to be a church shirt because it's fancy. I thought I'd show you the neckline up close so you could see her version of fancy. It's really just a cotton knit shirt though.

I'm sure you never had any doubt which stack was whose though.

Did you?


Mari said...

That's funny! Isn't it amazing how different siblings can be?

Love Bears All Things said...

Thats amazing. I see they each have a favorite color.
My daughter has very distinct taste. From the time she was a teen, there were only certain things she liked well enough for me to buy for her. Therefore she didn't have many clothes. She loved to go into my closet and borrow something. She still does. So, tell me, why couldn't I just buy her something I liked for her to wear. It never worked that way.
On our recent conference, she wore a jean skirt, a pair of black jeans and a royal T trimmed in lace. All of these items, I had carried with me.
Last year, I loaned her a black evening skirt and a black sweater set when the orchestra was doing their Christmas special. she really liked the skirt so I ordered me a new one and I am going to give her mine.
Mama Bear

Betsy said...

That's cute. The snaps alone make it casual in my eyes. :)

Cindy said...

Everyone has there own taste in colors and styles. Looks like a lovely shirt though I'm not sure fancy

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