Thursday, November 19, 2009

While You Were Out

I'm going to find out if Hubby reads the blog while he's out of town.

Otherwise, we get to play the "What's Different?" game when he gets home. This one is obvious enough (I think) that he would notice pretty fast. Sometimes the ones I ask are a little obscure. Yes, I'm admitting it.

These shelves did not look like this 24 hours ago. The kids and I went to Home Depot on our way home from the grocery store and bought a quart of blue stain and a paint brush. There was no polyurethane on the shelves (I don't think) so I didn't have to sand them (at least I didn't).

Here's what they started out like:

I only did one shelving unit and the three shelves on Tuesday night. I wanted to make sure it was going to be okay when I got up on Wednesday morning, because if it wasn't, that was only one bookcase that Hubby was going to have to fix when he got back into town. Wouldn't that have been a nice surprise.

I was pleased on Wednesday morning and got thumbs ups from the kids. I finished off the rest of the bookcases and am now just waiting for the bottom of the last three shelves to get good and dry.

And just in case Hubby is reading this while he's out of town, I put down newpaper in the front entryway and did it there. No spills! The cat only walked on the wet shelves once. Sparky and I immediately saw two paw prints, one on each shelf, and got him before he stepped off the newspaper onto the entryway floor or the nearly white carpet. Whew! I certainly don't think Hubby would have been too pleased with this makeover if he'd seen paw prints.

They aren't perfect, but they look pretty good. Like The Nester says, IDHTBPTBB (it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful). I'm happy with them.

Now I'm ready to paint something!

Don't you have some time off next week, Hubby?

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Mari said...

I like it! I think Hubby will too~!

Betsy said...

Wow...that was a big job! I like doing projects like that when Then Mister is out of town! He has grown used to expecting some big change when he walks through the door! LOL!

KK's Hubby said...

Sweetness, I look at it every day. Looks good! I think next week's days off are dedicated to eating. :)

black eyed susans kitchen said...

If your husband is anything like mine (and he travels often), he will not notice right away. I can make a subtle change like that and it might be months before he will look at me and ask about it. It's all good..surprise now or later...your bookcases look great.

Valeree said...

Oh, I love it! Great job!! said...

great job! those bookcases really look a lot better!
glad you caught the cat in time! hehehe

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