Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Day That Wasn't

Well, today was supposed to be our first day of school. Supposed to be.

The girls did a little reading in a grammar book that's holding them over until their workbooks arrive. A Beka is having a "motel meeting" this Thursday locally, and if I order there, I get free shipping. I've waited this long, what's a couple more days. And with shipping at least 10 percent of my order, I'm waiting. I need to order all four kiddos math books, the answer keys for all the girls' books (daily work, quizzes, tests, etc.), health books for the girls, and language (grammar) books for the girls. I am using Easy Grammar this year for the boys, but I will post on that another day. I am still debating on whether to buy them spelling from A Beka this year or not. I will have to decide by Thursday.

So back to the day that wasn't. I've briefly mentioned a migraine in passing. But if you don't know me, you don't know how bad they've been. I'm on a preventive. It's an anti-seizure medication which is supposed to slow down the brain activity enough to help prevent the migraine attacks, or at least keep the severity down. (No jokes here on the brain activity. I know exactly what I wrote and it was not a set-up for Hubby to write a cute comment.) I still also take Imitrex for the actual migraines. Prior to the preventive, I was having around 14 to 20 migraines a month. I'm fortunate that the Imitrex did always help, and I've never had to go get shots. I also must have a high tolerance for pain, because my friends are usually surprised that I'm able to function when I have one. I don't really feel like I am, but I'm not locked in a dark room either. The preventive has lessened the migraines, and it initially reduced the number I had. As they started to increase again, the doctor increased the medication a little since I was on a minimal dose. I've been doing really well for a few months. It probably helps that I've also quit drinking Diet Coke. Cold Turkey! It honestly did seem to get better once the chemicals got out of my system.

But this morning was another story. I had a migraine like I haven't had in months. I wore my sunglasses in the apartment until well after noon. Of course I didn't crawl out of the bed until after 10:00, but that's because I needed to take more medicine. If it hadn't been the very first day of school or I'd been more organized, the kids could have done most of their work on their own. But this is what I did tonight, which is what I was supposed to do over the weekend and planned to do this morning, which is when I was in bed or walking around with sunglasses on in a zombie-like state shushing everyone.

People, this is our school. It is in a sad state of disarray. The funny part is, I can find most everything I need within minutes. I labeled my many boxes very well. Honey, I did good. But I'll say one thing: I will sure be glad when I get in that house AFTER WE CLOSE SOMETIME BETWEEN OCTOBER 8TH AND 10TH! and I can get my stuff organized on my shelves. The chaos is getting the best of me. I am literally dreaming about organizing.

Tomorrow is another chance and we'll give it a go again. Hopefully no more false starts!


Mari said...

It would be hard to do school in the middle of moves and with a migraine! I bet there's not a false start today!

Heather and Reese said...


I'm sorry about the migraines, I can't even imagine 14-20 a month. I'm a 2-a-year gal and I've never considered it much of a problem.

You are so quick and witty, I'm sure your brain could get a little slower without any notice. Mine on the other hand...

Hope you have a smooth transition into the new school year.

(Oh, yeah. If you ever find yourself in my English neighborhood, feel free to stop by and organize something!)


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