Friday, September 12, 2008

Know & Tell Friday ~ Quirky Things Edition

Instead of questions today, we get to list six random, unspectacular quirks about ourselves. Our family went on an overnight trip so I'm getting around to this later than usual, but it gave me a little time to think about them on the drive home. I honestly don't know that it helped one single bit.

1. I always wear some type of shoe in hotel rooms, either my regular shoes or my "in the house" shoes. They are waiting for me when I get out of the hotel shower, when I step out of the bed, and I will even stand on the top of them while I'm changing my socks if I'm not sitting on the bed doing it.

2. I take all my pillows with me when I go on a trip. I am choosing not to tell how many that is, but I will say that it takes two garbage bags to cover and carry them to protect the pillow cases, because if anything touched the pillow cases, I couldn't use them. Things like shoes, or the floor of the vehicle where shoes might have been, or the seat of the vehicle where kids have put their shoes and a lot of other gross get the picture.

3. I lived in Gretna, Louisiana, right outside of New Orleans, when Hurricane Camille hit in 1969. It's one of my earliest memories.

4. I alphabetize my spices.

5. My right arm paralyzed in February, 2004, suddenly for seven weeks when Hubby was overseas in Kuwait. He'd been there since the previous August. Even though I was able to look back at the previous couple of days thinking that my arm was tired, I woke up on a Tuesday morning and the arm was hanging. I was eventually diagnosed with Parsonage-Turner Syndrome. My right arm is still a little weak and will probably never regain full strength.

6. I'm very particular about my laundry, including the washing and drying as well as the folding. I like my towels and washcloths and kitchen things all folded a certain way, and it's always the same way. They all face a certain way in a closet, on a shelf, or in a drawer. The only time I didn't let this bother me was when my arm was paralyzed and my mom came to stay with me for four weeks. She folded my towels all wrong, but I didn't care one bit. I just let it go.

That wasn't too bad once I got started. I didn't even have to use my notes! I could have even listed a couple more, but since I'll have to do a 100 things post within the next couple of months, I'd better save something. Go over and check out all the quirkiness at Kicking It In Crazyville.


Heather and Reese said...

Wow! I was just thinking about you and clicked over to see what you were up too and BAM there was your post!

An overnight trip sounds like fun!

I love your laundry issues, you are totally opposite of me.

I can't imagine how hard that would have been to have your arm paralized for weeks, scarey too!

Sorry, I'm rambling..I'm so tired! Thanks for stoping by, it's always fun! :)


Mari said...

Your quirks makes you house quite organized I think! I never heard of that syndrome - I'm going to look it up.

Lora said...

These cracked me up--I can so relate!! My feet CANNOT touch a hotel floor, it grosses me out totally. I completely agree about things touching my pillowcase. And I do like thing folded the same way, too. Instead of alphabetizing my spices though, I put the ones I use the most at the front of the cabinet. Some day I'd love a Martha Stewart-style spice rack where they're all out for me to see. Then I'm sure they'll be alphabetized:)

PinkDaisyGirl said...

Lora, you know something really sad. Since my spices are not out and they are organized alphabetically, I'd hate to see what I'd do if they were out! I also read your list before I put mine down, so it kind of made it harder to answer, because I kept coming back to the magazine thing. I always pull out all the inserts in my magazines as soon as I come in from the mailbox. Can't stand those things because they completely mess up how you turn the pages.

Mari, I hope my house is organized because my apartment isn't right now. I've let it completely go. Now I'm just telling myself that I have less than a month so I can deal with it, although my towels are still folded the right way and all put on the shelf in the same direction. My spices aren't alphabetized right now though and that's a little bothersome.

Heather, I hope you got some rest. I know you've had a rough week.

Heather and Reese said...

Oh great! Another thing to be squeamish about: hotel floors. Now you've done it, Kayren. I'll never be the same. To be fair, you should read the milk pus website.




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