Thursday, September 18, 2008

Know & Tell Friday: The Famous Edition

Heather and Reese are stressed out and are going so far as to post pin-up pictures on their blog. Okay, now that I have your attention, welcome to Know & Tell Friday: The Famous Edition. Heather and Reese truly are stressed out and busy and I was crazy enough to help out again. Must have been visiting Crazyville a little too often! They have been there too long themselves, because I wasn't kidding about the pin-up pictures either.

Now I hope everyone realizes that the same thing holds true as the first time I did this...please play...otherwise not only will I feel bad, Heather and Reese will feel bad, and they will be in trouble with me...and they have asked me to do this for the next four weeks to give them a temporary break. So now, off to the races red carpet...

1. If you could meet one famous actor, who would it be and why?

I would love to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love him in the movie Kindergarten Cop, and I also like Total Recall, except for the part where he pulls that thing out of his nose. I'd be curious why he chose to act in a movie like Kindergarten Cop, because even though he was a police officer and there were parts of the movie where he was rough, they were minimal. It seemed like it was really one of those "out of the box" choices for him.

2. What one question would you ask him?

I would ask Arnold if he wished he were an American-born citizen so he could run for President of our country.

Hubby was just watching a commercial on tv during Monster Jam and Mr. T was on it, so now he's doing an impression of "I pity da fool," so maybe I should want to meet Mr. T and ask him why he wears all that bling. Because really, why?

3. If you could meet one famous actress, who would it be and why?

I would probably have to say Julie Andrews. I just love The Sound of Music, and then Victor, Victoria was also a movie I really liked that she was in with James Garner. Then as she has gotten older she has been the Queen in the Princess Diary movies, and I loved her in those, especially her interaction with Hector Elizondo's character. Goldie Hawn runs a really close second though.

4. What one question would you ask her?

I would ask her if she regretted having her throat surgery, and if the prognosis was completely different than what she expected.

5. What is your all-time favorite comedy movie and why?

Since Veggietales probably don't count, I'd have to say National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. And I have a special relationship with that movie since I've now had a squirrel in my house, although we were fortunate to keep it confined to the small room off the kitchen. That movie is just a classic for Hubby and me.

6. What is your favorite all-time tv show and why?

Hands down, Seinfeld. If you'd asked me when I was 12, it would have been The Brady Bunch. But as for Seinfeld, I get it...I get them. I could be Elaine. Enough said.

7. What is your all-time favorite action or drama movie and why?

If I go with a current movie, I'd have to say the National Treasure movies. I think they did an excellent job with those, and to come up with such a successful sequel really took some creative imagination and writing. I also loved Helen Mirren in the second one. I also love the Chronicles of Narnia series. If I went with an older movie, I have a lot of trouble picking between Total Recall, Double Jeopardy with Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones, Deceived with Goldie Hawn, and Harrison Ford in the Jack Ryan movies. (Hubby was surprised I didn't want to meet Harrison Ford. I went out of my box.)

So was this more fun than all those sports questions for all you non-sports lovers? You know the drill: link up with Mr. Linky to your post, and be sure to leave me a comment. Hope you enjoyed KATF this week.

Until next time, hasta la vista, baby.



Heather and Reese said...

LOVE Seinfeld, and Double Jeopardy.

Thanks a million for doing this, Kayren. Your questions are great.


Heather and Reese said...

These questions were a lot of fun! Seinfeld is one of my favorites too, it's so funny!

Thanks for doing this Kayren!


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