Monday, September 8, 2008

It Was Really So Simple

We went to Sam's Club on Saturday to drop off two rolls of film for one-hour developing. They weren't busy, so we decided to wander and see if we could kill enough time for them to get done. We wandered up and down some aisles, we saw some big blow-up Halloween decorations with ghouls kissing (insert boys going "eewwww"), Christmas decorations (already!), and at the end of one of the aisles, this little jewel:

My children have talked and talked about how much they love Mr. Potato Head and how much they miss him since I got rid of him. Now let me just say, it has been at least six years since we have had a Mr. Potato Head in our house. I think it was one of those toys I got rid of without even asking. Nobody really played with it. The girls loved it when they were little, but that's really all I remember. We had two when they were small, and Sparky would "pretend" clip my toenails with the glasses when I was pregnant with Buddy. Oddly enough, Sparky is one of the ones who oodles over Mr. Potato Head in the store.

So when they saw this jumbo jewel, Caboose wanted it. As I walked on by in my nonchalant Mom manner, I said in all my infinite wisdom (go ahead and laugh all you want), "What are you willing to get rid of?" I was thinking toys, because there are plenty he has that I'd like to see go, and they take up more room than this handy self-storing Mr. Potato Head. I was halfway down the aisle by the time he caught up to me and said, "I can get rid of all my pajamas that are too small." I said, "Even all the Scooby-Doo pajamas?" He said, "Can I keep the baseball ones?" I said, "You may keep one pair." A deal was struck. I don't know if anyone remembers the post about Caboose and his attachment issues, but this was a big step. It was that simple!

Zookeeper Mr. Potato Head had a big surprise inside: two baby potato heads. My kids were so excited. It takes so little to make them happy. Teenagers and happy with baby potato heads. How much more can you ask for?

Here's part of our stack. It is not yet all-inclusive. He's thinking about keeping the shark pajamas off the bottom instead of the Scooby-Doo pair as his "one pair."
We got ready to leave Sam's a little while later. We had a king-sized sheet set for our new bed that we don't have yet (they were 400 count and NOT sateen and a GREAT price), the Mr. Potato Head, a movie, pajama pants for me and the girls (hey, they were on clearance), and a drink for everyone. As the checkout guy tells us our $120 total, I tell Hubby, "That's the most expensive two rolls of film I've ever had developed." Funny thing was, the machine was down and our pictures weren't done yet.


Mari said...

Sam's will do that to you - I have a friend who calls it the $100 store, because you don;t get out for less than that! Hope they keep enjoying the potato head.

Lora said...

That's so funny! We love Sam's around here. My kiddos especially like the food samples:) What a great Mr. Potato Head, too! We love ours. My kids even have a Darth Tater and an Optimash Prime-ha!

Cherylann said...

Haha, I think that is my wal-mart minimum, too. I can't even imagine if we regularly went to Sam's. We used to spend $200 minimum at Costco.

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