Saturday, September 20, 2008

Who's Your Tiger?

That is the Detroit Tigers motto, or catch phrase. You see it when you go to their web page plastered all over the background wallpaper. Personally, I think it's a little strange. But if I'm going to pick, here's my choice:

Magglio Ordonez

Picked primarily for the reason that he has fluffy hair like mine. I don't have any other affiliation to any other Tiger player at this point. At least he can carry off a baseball cap. I cannot do that. I do not have a hat head. I have a very large head. It's my crown that causes most of the problem. I would have to wear larger than a 7 5/8 inch hat, and I know that because it's the largest one we have in our house, or apartment as the case would be, and it belongs not to Hubby, but to Buddy, who inherited my crown. We'll just call it a halo while we are digressing.

Hubby had a chance to go to a day game in August soon after we got here as part of his work. I let Sparky go with him instead of me because they were playing the Blue Jays. Not normally a team anyone would probably choose to go see, but since Sparky's favorite player is David Eckstein, the former shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals (also World Series MVP against the Tigers), I suggested that she go.

These are some pictures from that day:

A big leafy ball player

Isn't this ride cute?

You'll see how much better our seats were in a later game (when the fountains aren't going off) comparing it to this picture.

Stub Hub dot com is now our new best friend, at least until the Tigers are doing better. Hubby decided to take me and the boys to a game a couple of weeks ago, and we got field level seats, 22nd row, on the third base side, which were normally $32 tickets, for $3.94 each. They didn't have all those huge Ticketmaster charges and convenience fees, and no extra fee for printing them out from our computer. Just a simple 10 percent of the ticket price plus tax, so for about $22, all four of us sat in great seats. Compare the view I was telling you about, and it's without my zoom lens:

Buddy, Caboose, and I in front of that big Tiger. Maybe he should be my Tiger.

They have tigers all over the outside of the stadium. The baseballs that are in the tigers' mouths light up at night.

They play "Eye of the Tiger" and light up these tigers' eyes green and show it on the big stadium screen.

It was very strange for me to be in a stadium other than Busch Stadium where the Cardinals play and know that it's going to be my "home" stadium. Ironic that the St. Louis Cardinals (our favorite team) first World Series win in 24 years (in 2006) was against the Tigers.


Mari said...

I'm not a big sport fan, but when I do watch the Tigers, I love Maglio!

Lora said...

I don't keep up with the Tigers, but I've visited Detroit many times when I was much younger. Have you eaten in Greek Town yet? Delicious!! Try the flaming cheese (I'm sure that's not the actual name-ha!).

Ronnica said...

The Cardinals are my adopted favorite team because I was raised a Royals fan, and well, that's just a bit depressing.

I love your site...I'm subscribing!

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