Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hey, Mom! I Got A Haircut Today!

Because I really am not sure when my hair got this long:

And my mom hasn't seen me in person since my hair looked something like this:

So, Mom, here's what it looked like before

and here's what it looked like after.

Can't really tell a bit of difference, huh? So here's the back view, with Sparky's instructions to keep the booty out.

I got about four scraggly inches cut off.

So now you know.


Mari said...

You have beautiful hair! I am jealous! I had a haircut today too - I got about 1/2 inch trimmed off, because Mine is short and that's all it takes to make it look sloppy.

Betsy said...

Doesn't it feel light and fresh? I love it when I get a few inches cut off of mine! I love curly hair...I wish mine was!

Lora said...

Your hair is beautiful, Kayren! I used to pay big bucks to have *natural* curls like that. I finally couldn't do it anymore and went back to my natural straight. But I'll always wish I had natural curls like that!

MomE said...

Is that natural curl? Regardless, your hair is beautiful! I'm taking Emmy and myself for cuts tonight...girl time!

Heather and Reese said...

Wow Kayren your hair is beautiful!! I can't believe how long and curly. You are very lucky :)


Bonnie said...

You are hilarious !! I just cracked up with Sparky's instructions ! Maybe it's Sparky who is hilarious !!

Your hair looks fantastic ...

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