Friday, February 27, 2009

Much Better!

Don't the towels look so much better in this picture

than they did in this picture I showed in the post on organizing my kids' bathrooms?

I thought so, too.

But folding them that way was a little like putting my underwear on backwards. It was totally foreign. I kind of got twitches while I was doing it.

Seeing that nice smooth edge on those towels will keep me living on the edge though.


Bonnie said...

They so do look better ! I know though, folding them different ... it's hard ! I had to fold my bath towels different a while back ... to fit them in their new spot and it took ages for it to be natural.

Mari said...

They do look nice! I have a glass fronted cabinet in our half bath that I keep towels in. I have to fold them that way too and it gives me a twitch also!

Betsy said...

You crack me up! Yes, they look better. You should be a store front window designer...all those little details that make it better. So, are you going to be able to sleep better now? tee-hee!

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