Friday, February 6, 2009

Some People In Our House Think He's A Little Spoiled

What do you think?

It started in Illinois. Chatty probably was the guilty party. I remember once when we got home from a trip somewhere, and our neighbor that had taken care of him while we were gone talked about how whenever she'd start to walk down the hall, he'd race down in front of her and jump on the bathroom counter. She couldn't figure it out.

He has a water bowl. And it actually sits right outside of this first floor half-bath. Even when it has just been filled, he will often prefer his fresh water in a Dixie cup.

Why? I have no idea. Maybe it's a power play.

Maybe we should teach him a lesson while he covers up his face to all his cares in the world. Like he has any! Yep, he covers his face.

Hubby thinks he's spoiled. Of course, Hubby also thinks Peka is trying to kill him, picking his side of the bed to sleep on and him being allergic and all.

I think I already know what he thinks.


Mari said...

I can't believe this! Our cat just started doing this 2 weeks ago and she is driving us crazy. We can hardly get ready in the morning. I actually went out and bought a new bowl, thinking maybe it was making the water taste funny, but no - she still wants the sink!

Bonnie said...

That's hilarious !! Our cat has a bowl that sits on the side of our sink !! She was always jumping up there trying to drink out of the tap so we just put the bowl there beside it ! Works well for all of us !!

Jenny said...

Both of our cats do this. We ended up just putting a cup into the bathtub, since they make such a mess playing in the water. That's their water bowl now!

Our Vet said cats prefer drinking from small cups instead of water bowls, because they are smaller and easier for them to extend their neck across to reach and lap up the water on the side.

Heather and Reese said...

LOL! I love it!


Katy said...

Ahahahahaha!!! That is sooo funny! :)

mommietofour said...

That s so adorable makes me wanna run out and get a kitten (husband) wont let me) I think he fears same thing about his side of the bed!!

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