Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Best Of Both Worlds

I live in a suburb of the 11th largest city in the United States. If you'd told me I'd live in the north when I was growing up, much less a big city, I would have laughed at you.

Well, I don't really feel like I live in a big city. There's something about driving on a dirt road to get home that keeps you from that feeling.

This is the road that leads directly to the back of our subdivision, and we like to go this way since our house is one of the first ones. I'd guess our entrance is about a quarter of a mile down once the dirt starts. You can't see it, but some of those potholes right now are about a foot deep, and they've even been worked on by the road department.

The other two sides of the subdivision are also dirt roads, and one of them has a side entrance to the subdivision. The front entrance you can get to by a paved road, although you can still tell you are out in the country.

I took these pictures from different points in the front and middle of our subdivision.

One of the best things — I have seasons — all four of them! And although I am by no means complaining, winter is a bit long here. I think we're working on something like our fifth month right now if November counted, and I think it was cold enough to count. We had some snow flurries that month, so I think that would qualify it.

You look at all of those trees and dirt and farmland, and there are eight to ten Targets within about a 30 minute radius of my house. Four of them alone are within a five to fifteen minute drive. There are an equal number of Wal-Mart stores, the majority of which are Supercenters.

We have professional baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Zoos, museums, you name it...

It's the best of both worlds.


Mari said...

Looks perfect to me. You even have IKEA!

Betsy said...

Oh dear! Don't loose Caboose in one of those deep potholes! :) I grew up in Columbus...Ohio's capitol and home of Ohio State...anything you could want or imagine to do is there, so I can relate to how you describe your city. Quite a difference to where I've lived for 25 years now! We have 2 stop lights! woo-hoo! :)

I do love having all four seasons as you said. Each one is wonderful in it's own way. But I am very ready for spring! :)

Lora said...

That really is the best of both worlds! I love the country when it's close to the city:)

The Curnews (Demara) said...

this post reminded me of our hometown. although we live in the heart of the city, same street as the sirens!!

Our Winter is about the same as yours.

And even though we have Wal-Mart it is not a Supercenter!

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