Sunday, March 1, 2009

Menu Plan Monday — March 2nd-8th

I updated the Mexican Beef Casserole recipe slightly from last week's post. It was definitely a keeper.

Another keeper — the Tangy Beef Barbecue Sandwiches were awesome! They were so much more flavorful than the recipe I used a couple of weeks ago. I am actually going to decrease the salt by half in the recipe next time, because I thought it tasted salty. And if I think it tastes salty, it must be at least a little bit.

This is going to be another week with a combination of new and old.

Monday — Sam's Club Pizza, because I haven't been to the store and I won't be prepared for anything better.

TuesdayPioneer Woman Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwiches.

WednesdayCrispy Chicken Tenders. Since I never made them last week.

ThursdayPW Ranch Style Chicken.

FridayBeef and Noodles.

We will be out of town for the weekend, so I don't have to make any plans!

For more great menu ideas, visit The Organizing Junkie.


Lora said...

It all sounds great, Kayren! I hadn't seen that PW chicken recipe before~think I'm going to try it!

Have you tried Sam's chicken/bacon/ranch pizza? It is SO good!!!

Bonnie said...

I love PW recipes too !! I've made a few of them. Not either of these ... but I may have to ! :)

Betsy said...

We love Sam's pizza! And yes, I agree with Lora about the chicken/bacon/ranch! Although, like the coffee, I haven't been able to find it there in a while!

Mari said...

My family loves the Marlboro man sandwiches.
Hey - have you figured out your plans for the weekend yet? I just realized that it's this weekend and I wasn't sure if meeting would work out.

Lisa said...

I love your idea of posting your menu on MOndays! I have to get better about planning weekly meals. Thank you for inspiring me! :)

Lora said...

So, how did the PW ranch chicken turn out for you tonight? I fixed that tonight, too (I didn't realize we'd planned it the same night:). It was really good!! And the WHOLE family loved it~cleaned their plates! That one is definitely a keeper for us.

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