Friday, March 20, 2009

It's A Good Thing I'm Not A Pilot

Hubby has been commenting that spring is in the air, because the Canadian Geese are migrating back to Canada via their apparent Michigan migration path.

Of course some of them will be with us all spring, summer, and fall, and now I'm not terribly excited about that. Because today when a Canadian Goose should have been doing this in the median when I was preparing to get in the lane to make a Michigan left,

(which for all of you who aren't privy to the knowledge of what that is, consider yourself lucky, but just know that it means I'd just made a right off of one road to get in the left hand lane and make a u-turn to get on the other road, and basically I wasn't going fast), he, or she, was doing this

right about here.

That's the beautiful duct tape job the body shop did at the Chevrolet place that just happened to be not even a quarter of a mile up the road from the little goose smacking incident. Wasn't so little though. My mirror was hanging off by only the electrical cord and was slapping against the side of the van.

Body shop guy said the goose hit it so hard that when the mirror folded in that it folded too far and snapped. I didn't even know it was possible to fold in your mirrors too far.

So I purchased a used mirror that will be delivered to my house (to save a little money rather than the shop buying it) and then I just take it by and they put it on for the small fee they would have charged me to put it on anyway.

My deductible is too large for my insurance to cover it.

Said goose was still alive with two friends when I drove off, even standing.

We haven't replaced the other vehicle since the accident, so we just have the van right now. This was the only day this week I had taken Hubby to work so I could use the van during the day. I think I'm going to become like Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote and just give up driving all together and be chauffeured from now on.

I didn't even know they made red duct tape.

Because normal silver would have actually matched my van a little.


Betsy said...

Oh brother! I can't believe that goose was still standing! And I least the good old silver duct tape would have matched! At least he didn't crack your windshield! :)

Mari said...

That red adds a dash of excitement to your van! Who would thin a run in with a goose would leave the goose still standing? Just be careful - what I usually run into on Michigan roads are deer! I went through a period of being afraid to drive after I hit 3 of them in 6 months time!

Lora said...

Wow! That's quite a story! I always knew Canadian geese must be tough:)

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