Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We Got Mail!

Today I have a little story to tell you. It's about Christmas, 2007. Yes, 2007.

We purchased a baseball card on ebay for Buddy as a gift in early December, 2007. It was an autographed card of one of his favorite baseball players and would definitely be an unexpected gift.

It was also going to be one of his bigger gifts. We insured it when we paid for it through PayPal.

It was coming from the state of Washington clear across the country to Virginia.

It didn't come.

We contacted the seller. He waited the appropriate amount of time and filed the claim with the post office so he could get his money back and give us our money back.

In the meantime, we purchased another card from a different seller, which did make it safely to us.

Today (depending on when I post this, it was Tuesday, St. Patrick's Day) we received a bubble-wrap envelope postmarked December 10, 2007, from Spokane, Washington, to our original Virginia address, which in turn forwarded to us here.

I have no idea what we do now.

All photos, with the exception of the one of my mailbox taken a few weeks ago, are courtesy of flickr. (They still haven't given us our subdivision required mailbox. I think the ground is thawing and I should probably call soon.)


Mari said...

Wow - that's something! I don't know what you do now either. You'll have to let us know what happens.

yellodaisy said...

Hey Kayren,
I haven't had a chance to read much of your blog, but I plan to come back when I have time. I had to tell you though---my name is Karen, and my blog is Yello Daisy. Too funny!

Rochelle said...

Wow, that's insane!

And ridiculously and ironically hilarious. I have no idea what you do now... but, um, good luck! ;)

Bonnie said...

Oh wow ! I wouldn't have a clue what to do ! I guess either try to return it or try to pay for it would be my two thoughts ... Do you still have contact details for the seller ?

SHEESH .... 2007 !!!!

Betsy said...

Wow! That is some delay in the mail! I guess I'd try to contact the seller. He may just tell you to keep it since he's collected the insurance money on it already. That is just amazing!

Ronnica said...

Wow, that's crazy! I wonder where it's been? If packages could talk!

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