Monday, June 29, 2009

Menu Plan Monday — June 29th

We finally have a grill!!! I am very excited about that, because it means a lot less cooking indoors for a few months.

The tricky thing...we have a lot of food in our refrigerator right now, including a lot of hamburger, hot dogs, and brats, which means that I don't get to plan any chicken right away. See:

All that fruit and veggies, cheese cubes, potato salad, and homemade baked beans. Yummy stuff, but we will be eating on these things for several days. Our church had 'take a family home for dinner night' Sunday night, we had two families, and I fixed way too much food. Good for leftovers, but I think we'll be sick of some of them.

Monday — Stuff from the fridge.

Tuesday — Stuff from the fridge.

Wednesday — Stuff from the fridge.

ThursdayBasil Grilled Chicken. I got this recipe on one of those free recipe cards that came in the mail years ago. It is very good, and of course I haven't made it for a while since we haven't had a grill since we left Virginia. I double it to have enough for my family.

FridayGrilled Southwestern Pork Chops. The marinade for this I guess it what makes it so yummy and flavorful. All four of my kids love this, too. It's also a nice change from beef and chicken.

Saturday — I have the ingredients and some frozen cubed chicken in the freezer for Chicken Spaghetti if I need something. Otherwise we'll eat up what's in the fridge and pantry if we don't.

Sunday — We are having a dinner at church following the service in celebration of the 4th of July, so we're eating out since we ate in all week, just a little differently than usual.

I didn't menu plan last week because I knew I wouldn't stick to it even though it was one of those times I really needed it. Between the end of ball season, getting ready for the garage sale, the actual garage sale, cleaning up from it, and then preparing for people to come over Sunday night, it was quite a week. I am so glad this week will slow down.

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Lora said...

Looks good, Kayren! I'm still working on mine for this week--a little behind:)

I must've gotten that same set of recipes in the mail b/c I have that basil chicken recipe also--it's good, I've made it a couple of times!

Michelle said...

enjoy your grill....we really rely on ours pretty much all year round!

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