Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm 43, and I Can Now Boil Eggs

I can also make Deviled Eggs.

That's why I can now boil eggs.

Not that I haven't boiled eggs before, but you know, they're a little tricky.

And please, please don't make me feel really stupid and tell me how easy you always found it.

Do you start with cold water, put the eggs in, then when they have boiled for five minutes they are done?

Do you boil the water first and then boil for five minutes?

Do you have to put them in cold water when you're done? Do they keep cooking if you don't?

Well, thanks to the Deviled Egg recipe I found from Jill over at Controlling My Chaos, I not only know how to make Deviled Eggs for Hubby, I know how to boil a perfect egg.

I mean, what more could you ask for.

Boil water, carefully place eggs in the boiling water with a slotted spoon, boil for 15 minutes, remove the eggs with the slotted spoon to an ice bath, and you're done.

Jill is very creative. She has a pretty recipe card you can print out with the Deviled Egg recipe on it. She also used her Pampered Chef decorator to fill her eggs. I have the Pampered Chef decorator, but I was way too lazy to get it out. My eggs don't look so pretty, but when Hubby realized I was making them, he was very excited and didn't really care what they looked like.

Because see, I said I'd never make Deviled Eggs since I don't eat them. This is the first time I've made them. Do you know he stood in the kitchen, watched me slice eggs, smoosh yolks and add ingredients, and I was all the way to stirring the stuff and getting it ready to go back into the egg halves when he realized what I was doing. That's how much he thought I'd never make Deviled Eggs for him, so he was very excited. Shocked, too.

Personally, I was a little excited to see how the boiled egg experiment worked out. I like a good boiled egg now and then, as do a couple of the kids, but the yolks are never just right and the eggs never peel well. The way these were boiled for this recipe was perfect.

So I'd highly recommend this method of boiling eggs. Using them to make Deviled Eggs is completely optional.


Mari said...

I love deviled eggs! I boil my eggs that way but only for 10 minutes.

Betsy said...

Yum! I've been having a craving for deviled eggs and haven't made them yet! Your's look delish! Yea for you for mastering the egg!

spaghetti0625 said...

Mmmmm, I hope my mom makes her famous deviled eggs for her 4th of July BBQ!!!!
Not for nothing, but I'm 28 and just learned how to boil eggs!

Nancy said...

I just boiled some for today!!

Betsy said...

OK..I'm back just to tell you I got the eggs boiled! I'll finish them off tomorrow! Yum!...maybe some egg salad, too...but just for me since I'm the only one that will eat it! :)

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