Monday, June 22, 2009

Musical Instruments and Tanzanite

Twenty-four years of marriage equals musical instruments and tanzanite. I looked it up this year for fun even though I don't think we've ever purchased a gift from the traditional or modern gift charts.

I mean really, "Oh, I think I'd like a harp for my anniversary this year."

Or maybe a flute.

Or bongo drums.

Next year might be a good year to start though, being the silver anniversary and all. Boy, does that make us sound old!

This is one of my favorite photos from our wedding. We don't have many, but this one from us leaving the church is special. I can actually see a lot of my family in it, specifically my grandpa (the second man on the left — the first one is my father-in-law), and the lady throwing the rice in the burgundy dress. That is my great-aunt Ola. She was married to my Uncle Bill, my grandma's brother, and I used to spend time with him on his farm. They always gave me fresh cow milk (ick!). She was in the earlier stages of alzheimer's, but Uncle Bill brought her unexpectedly. It was really neat that she was in this picture and I can see the smile and joy in her eyes. My grandma's sister and husband are behind us on the right. There's more, but I'll stop.

My mom made my dress for me also.

Happy anniversary, Hubby! Hasn't it been the best 24 years of your life?!

I hope so, because he's going to be really mad at me for putting a picture up of him with this hair.

Love you!!!


MomsTheWord said...

I've never seen that picture, how very cool that so many of the family is in it! I didn't know AJ made your dress! Was I in my own little world or what? Yeah, I guess so. However I do remember coming home from Camp P to sing "Friends." Congrats to you both...older people.

Mari said...

Congratulations on 24 years. I love the picture, the dress and the hair!
Actually, I think Bongo drums would be the perfect gift for you this year. The whole family could use them!

Betsy said...

What a fun, action packed picture! I love it...even hubby's was so "in" back then! :)
Happy, happy day! :)

Bonnie said...

beautiful dress !

congrats on 24 years !! here's to at least 24 more !!

Demara said...

Love the dress! Cute poses you two had too. And love your hubby's hockey Wayne gresky styled hair! :) congratulations on 24 yrs of bliss. :P

Heather and Reese said...

Happy anniversary! Love the action shot!

Tim will love our 24th anniversary... musical instruments!

When we got married it was taboo to throw rice cuz the birds would eat it and it would swell in their stomachs and burst. Ick. So people threw bird seed at us. (Do they still do that?!) I was picking bird seed out of all sorts of places for the rest of the day...


Lora said...

What a great photo! It reminds me of one of my fave shots from my parents' wedding.

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